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Fertility Rewire Podcast

Oct 20, 2022

It’s hard to stick to all the things that you are trying to improve your chances of getting pregnant, especially if you don’t really know why you are doing them or know if they are working.


I was recently called out on this a bit with my own business.  What was my motivation?

Well my motivation was to of course get clients that I can help, and to educate and advocate for couples through my podcast.


So why haven't recorded an episode for months?


Well I've been poorly, my kids have been poorly, I've had covid, I've had migraines, I have my clients and limited time.


Was I feeling  deflated, do I lack motivation?


Well actually what I have been lacking, is discipline and I talk about this in this episode regarding your fertility journey?


How can you be motivated when you don’t see results?

Are you looking for the big result and not noticing the micro results that are adding up?


Do you understand, trust and believe in the actions you are taking, or is this lind faith because someone else has done this?


Are your stress/worry levels so high due toall the things you are trying with no results, of having no answers?


When you trust in the process or the person advising the process, you can get discipline your actions because you trust them?


Well this is how I support my clients, every day.


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