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Fertility Rewire Podcast

Jun 3, 2019

We often hear about work life balance, but getting a balance with life and a life affecting issues is key.  This potential imbalance can lead us to the control itself. 

When  you look at how something is affecting your life, you tend to look at it as a whole. This then becomes really hard to consider how you could possibly change anything, its just too big and we cam have a feeling of it being beyond our control.

In this weeks episode I discuss a tool that is used in life coaching called the wheel of life.  I look at how the different areas of our life are represented within this wheel, how we may have an imbalance or a possible lacking in some areas and perhaps our current or past fertility experiences may be affecting it. 

This is a well used tool an score overall levels of satisfaction and dis satisfaction that may be being affected by many things

 But I start to unpick what the impact of fertility itself is on these areas both positive and negative and how this can lead us toward change, perhaps even to a point of gaining some control.