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Fertility Rewire Podcast

Sep 25, 2020

Have you heard of Fertility Massage? Ever wondered what it involved? or perhaps you are interested in becoming a therapist?

Absolute pleasure to chat with Andrea Clarke on this episode about Fertility Massage/Womb Massage Therapy. We recorded the episode before the start of the COVID lockdown, and so are thoughts are initially about travel and warm destinations!

We decided to hold off releasing the episode and as things started to re open we thought it would be a good time to release.

I am as you may or not know a practitioner myself and I incorporate this in my coaching programme, with clients self massaging or their partners massaging.

We chat about the therapy, the mind body and spiritual aspects and how you can access a practitioner as well as training to be a therapist.

Fertility Massage Therapy is so much more than a massage, yes fascia and tissue is affected by the massage, but there is a deeper level of energy and connection to oneself that can be addressed.

Working with the  mind and body aspect, many things 'come up for clients' and this, certainly in my practice lends itself to working with the wider aspects of fertility, which is why many therapist have other fertility therapy aspects to their armoury.

Andrea can be found at Root Medicine 

and on social media on Instagram and Facebook

For details of Fertility Massage Therapy Practitioners near you, check the practitioner page

I really hope that you enjoy the episode and is you have any comments or questions, as ever do reach out...

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