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Fertility Rewire Podcast

May 14, 2022

In this episode I chatted with Professor Geeta Nargund, an inspiring woman putting women first Medical Director at Creative Fertility about Natural and Mild IVF and getting the same success as conventional IVF with reduced treatment Burden, reduced complications and improved outcomes for babies. Before I started chatting with her, I wanted to let her know that I've been interested in what Create Fertility has been doing for a long time. It makes such a lot of sense to work with the body, to give a little nudge rather than the pressure physically and emotionally of the numbers game in IVF.

You may not know about Mild/Natural IVF, along with so much so many don’t know about fertility generally.

Mild/Natural IVF produces the SAME success rates as conventional IVF, while reducing the treatment burden, side effect, complications, injections and costs.  So its a win win and hard to understand why its not the norm in more clinics.

We chatted about the benefits, research based evidence and this may open more opportunity for fertility for so many listeners.

Professor Narunds passion for women’s choices, rights and the desire to gain gender equality in fertility treatments is clear and inspiring. Ensuring the safety and welfare of the women is as important as success with informed choice, which as you may know is a key part of what i speak about.

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