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Fertility Rewire Podcast

Nov 15, 2019

Such a great pleasure to chat with Alexia Leachman about the emotional aspects in Fertility, relationships and life itself which may impact Fertility.

As I've discussed many times, the intrinsic fertility design of the body can only work effectively if you feel safe.  The negative emotions that we experience feed into a fight or flight response and therefore can reduce or even halt fertility until the danger perceived is passed.

Alexia specialises in helping people to overcome their fears and achieve what’s on the other side, whether that’s a great business, life or having a calm, fear-free birth.

At the heart of her work is a new emotional clearance technique that she’s simplified so that creating head space is something we can all do whenever and wherever we want. Alexia helps people to get the best results from using the Head Trash Clearance Method through her online courses, group programs, live events and private sessions.

She is also a speaker, trainer and coach who works with business leaders, TV personalities, creatives and entrepreneurs.



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