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Fertility Rewire Podcast

May 26, 2022

When it comes to not getting pregnant, we want to know why, we want to know the cause.  

Even if you are given a cause, its important to know that it may not be the only factor affecting things.


A blocked fallopian tube or tubes of course is a huge factor in preventing pregnancy but bypassing tis with IVF will not guarantee success because they may indeed be more than 1 thing, there could be multiple factors affecting fertility.

2 partners each with a number of things affecting perhaps.


In this episode I encourage you to revisit your tests, as I discussed last week in episode 51, and also to try as best you can to step out of what is wrong, and step into what can I do to fully optimise our fertility.


I accept that for many who have tried everything that this could be triggering, and I invite you to ot lose sight of the emotional impact and the clever design of our bodies to keep us safe and that when unsafe, our body is not putting conceiving at the top of its agenda, in fact it can stop it.


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