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Fertility Rewire Podcast

Apr 16, 2021

How fantastic would it be to be able to run laboratory tests to identify your hormone levels and give you accurate data on when you are ovulating?

In the US, more testing and more often is available, here in the UK, not so much, and certainly not after initial investigations.

Well you can, Sylvia Kang, CEO and co founder of the Mira Fertility tracker explains in this episode how Mira can support you.

This marvellous hand held device is basically working to the same technology as laboratory equipment, but shrunk down to the fir on the palm of your hand.  I’ve been working with data from clients who are using the Mira App for some time now and I have been incredibly impressed.

Analysing a urine sample shows the Oestrogen and lutenizing hormone and develops a bespoke picture for an individual.  I’ve seen great insights in clients with PCOs specifically.  As with this condition there may appear to be a number of ‘attempts’ before ovulation actually takes place.

Sylvia ran me through her background, which is impressive and why she was driven to develop Mira.

Mira as it stands is an exciting piece of equipment but there is more excitement to come with the inclusion of progesterone testing included.  This will be incredible for all users but for those with PCOS it will give a definitive indication that ovulation occurred.  For many in my client base this will support those who have a lower progesterone, and also will show us the affects our work is having on raising this, which is a huge part of the work with many clients at the moment.

An what’s more the ability to test Beta HCG, the pregnancy hormone is also coming

I’ll let Sylvia explain it to you.

If want to follow Mira on Instagram you can do so @mirafertility 

They have a you tube channel with some great webinars, one from myself on reducing stress when ttc. 

If you want to get the Mira starter kit, head over to and use the code FERTILITY REWIRE to get a $25/£25 discount, and what’s more as a Mira user you get a 20% discount off my services.

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Free resources are available including what your bleed can tell you about your fertility and a free visualisation.

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