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Fertility Rewire Podcast

Jun 27, 2020

I'm going to talk in this episode about polycystic ovary syndrome, PCOS, a huge subject. but more specifically the factors affecting its cause and management.

It is hugely misunderstood and the emotional aspects of both its root and management are too often overlooked.

When I work with clients with PCOS, I know that the challenges ahead of us are as with all couples: physical, emotional, also mindset and energetic as well are evident, but I find the emotional root causes and blocks are specific and quite similar amongst some women with a PCOS diagnosis.   I wanted to really start to unpick this a little.

I want to remind you first of all that PCOS is not a diagnosis of fertility issues, its a symptom, and gives us the clues we need to travel back and find the cause.

There is a huge amount of information out there, as with all information, some is incredible and some less so, but I lead you towards information about the 4 types of PCOS.

I discuss the physical, what cysts are, the difference between PCO and PCOS but really start to unpick the emotional and energetic factors that affect cause and management.

We need to understand the difference between insulin resistance and BMI and how the medical focus on weight brings such emotional triggers to the fore.

I look at negative message in childhood about being fertile and the beliefs established at diagnosis, how your 'position' as female in your family and society may affect it, how a constant striving and even the relationship with your mother could affect things for some.

Why some people with PCOS get pregnant easily and others don't and give you some pointers as to what you can do.

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