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Fertility Rewire Podcast

Jul 3, 2023

Hello and welcome to this episode of the Fertility Rewire podcast. Now, it's been a while. Again, I've taken a break.  I've actually really, I've got quite a neck injury and I've been wearing a neck brace and have had the same sort of battle with my healthcare that I know you face a lot with your fertility, but you know, I've stuck with it. I've got to the route that I need to be taking now and things are improving massively.

So I'm back doing everything that I was before. So you may have seen me on TikTok more recently talking quite a lot about spotting and signs of low progesterone. And these videos have created lots of conversations with people getting in touch with me. And we are really starting, I think in the fertility community. 

And when I say that, I mean you guys who are trying to get pregnant really starting to try and understand, I hope, about progesterone and people are starting to see it as a potential reason why they're not falling pregnant. Now it may well be, but like all things, it's a symptom and we need to look for the cause. So if your progesterone is low, then there will be a reason for that. And the reason in itself might not only affect progesterone, but it may affect other aspects of fertility. So a sticking plaster is not necessarily what we need now. So I'm going to explore in this episode with you a little bit more about spotting because I know that you'll be told that spotting is normal potentially. And you know what? For some people it is. But we have this gauge of normal, don't we?

So, if you are spotting, join me by listening into this episode listened, and think what factors might be there. If you need any more support on how to find that out, then please get in touch. You can get in touch by email kat@fertility You can get in touch with me via socials on Instagram and TikTok. It would be great to hear from you and also if you've got any thoughts on the podcast, you know, how are you enjoying it, what more would you like me to do? Is there anything specific you want me to cover? Then please get in touch. But as ever, take care. Use Code FERTILITYREWIRE