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Fertility Rewire Podcast

Jul 24, 2020

I start off by telling you how excited I am very excited to share the new Facebook group Your Fertility Matters.

Do you find yourself saying that other people are worse off, there are starving people in the world?

Are you downplaying your own pain, because maybe you don't want to be pitied or perhaps that you feel you should be grateful for what you have.

Does you not acknowledging your own pain, not comparing, improve the lives of the other people?

It's OK not to be OK. I've said that before, but can you really start to accept that? If you don't feel that, then you are most likely thinking, it's not OK to not be OK.

I unpick fear, comparison, shame, beliefs and expectations.

I cant mention shame without mentioning the wonderful Brene Brown, and also I mention the wonderful Glennon Doyle and her amazing book Untamed

I discuss empathy, the difference between it and sympathy.  How important it is to show empathy and compassion to ourselves.

I share some tips, conversational journalling, being, naming your tigers, taming and living with the tigers, stepping out of fight or flight and being able to say to yourself as you would to a loved one, its OK, its OK, I've got you, I'm here.