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Fertility Rewire Podcast

Jan 29, 2021

Going through Assisted Fertility, Egg Freezing, IUI, IVF/ICSI in itself is overwhelming.  But trying to keep track of results, medications, progress comparison through repeated cycles and the information required for a second opinion or a clinic move can be overwhelming.

Are you using spreadsheets, have piles of paper work, but would like to get a sense of greater control and understanding.

This is how Ravid Israel felt.  After a long fertility journey that involved diagnosis delays, numerous cycles, having to seek support from different Doctors clinics and countries she realised that there were 100's of apps for women trying to conceive (un assisted) but not for women going through treatments, and so Embie was conceived.

I work with couples where I try to support them with this sense of having no control, compounded by the actual lack in the fertility journey itself, and I can really see the benefits of this app.  I've been having a look around myself and can see the benefits for many.

I think what really stood out for me was that ability to have the info to share, for clients to share with me and to share with medics and clinics.

You know when you want to seek a second opinion, but you feel awkward asking your current clinic? well you wouldn't need to, because you have it hand.  Increasingly clients are wanting second pinions but it's not easy do that without sufficient information, or feeling that it could cause issues.

And of course I discuss male factors because as you know by now this is crucial, overlooked and completely misunderstood.

So if you are undergoing any assisted fertility treatments, and you would like a place to store your information, and if it would help you, have access to support and a community of people going through similar, the Embie app may be worth a look.

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