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Fertility Rewire Podcast

Sep 11, 2020

I'm chatting in todays episode with September Burton from The Hawaii Surrogacy Center.  September used to be a surrogacy case manager and now works as a health coach for the centre. 

We know that there is IVF tourism, and it of course stands to Eason that people would travel for surrogacy.  In the UK and Australia, Surrogacy can only be altruistic, so no commercial aspects related to it and her in the uk we have laws to ensure this.

I was curious to learn more about surrogacy in the United States, and also the tourism aspect to it.  But I was really interested to learn more about the physical and emotional preparation for intended parents and the surrogate and also specifically emotionally for the surrogates family.

I'm increasingly (as you know) amazed at the continued lack of preparation for conception advice at the beginning of a couples fertility journey, and especially regrading IVF. In fact preparation is improving but not enough and not enough to hold IVF, which is the potential for a rant.

So I really hope you enjoy the episode, we obviously touched the surface only, as this is a huge issue, legally and emotionally.

To find out more about Hawaii Surrogacy, visit their website.

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