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Fertility Rewire Podcast

Jun 12, 2020

When you started trying for a baby, you may have experienced a sense of hope and excitement. As time progresses, these emotions can be accompanied or even pushed aside by emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy, grief.  

And you know that these feeling that are stress evoking emotions, aren't helpful, which further increases the worry.  And we know that if we didn't worry....

These emotions are unwanted and the energy in pushing them away or trying to change then can actually be an increased emotional burden.

Today I discuss the theory of accepting the emotion, and I repeat, the EMOTION, not the situation.  I start to look at the emotional aspects an our response to pain  and its impact on you.

I reference the FREE Fertility Course, Fertility 101-an owners manual, which throughout encourages you to identify the emotions and thoughts you have, and perhaps a pattern, when it comes to further understanding aspects of your own fertility.