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Fertility Rewire Podcast

Mar 5, 2021

The word should is one of the most powerful words we hear and what we say to ourselves.

It can be a motivator but also a real barrier to change.

When searching for what we should do, there is a risk of overwhelm, fear and also resentment.  It's a word that can trigger deep held limiting beliefs, and can lead to a 'why should I?'

The why "should I?" is so key in terms of our thoughts and emotions and can be one or many of your tigers.  You've no doubt heard me talk about tigers before.

In this episode I just start the discussion around this really and give you some steps to distance the emotion attached to should and guide you on the possibility of further work.

I also share some exciting news regarding the digital packs for both the Fertility Rewire method and Tiger Taming. bTo be amongst the first to know when they are released, you can join the mailing list as thats where I'm announcing it first.

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